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The global health crisis at the heart of an international mobilization in communication
For a healthier, viable, better world

In this new year 2021, a vast mobilization has just been launched in the communication community around the world to rally professionals and researchers into a unified force in the face of the deadliest global pandemic of our time. The International Declaration of Communications Professionals and Researchers for a Healthier, Viable, Better World inscribes its role in the solidarity and cohesion of all communication experts in the face of this world health crisis, and their commitment to supporting all our societies, everywhere, towards a healthier world.

Supported by ORBICOM, the international network of UNESCO chairs in communication, the declaration, which is circulating in six languages used in both hemispheres French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German calls for a very broad involvement of the professional and scientific communities around the world. For ORBICOM’s Secretary General, Oumar Kane, “In these uncertain times, communication must emerge as a force that can nourish hope, action and social resilience. It is clear to us that inaction and withdrawal have no place in the face of the emergencies of our time.”

The SUSTAINABILITY|COMMUNICATION Group praises this international mobilization initiative driven by ORBICOM and its Secretary General, Oumar Kane, as well as the artisans researchers and professional specialists who have brought it to life: (DIRECTION)  Solange Tremblay, co-author (president SUSTAINABILITY|COMMUNICATION Group), Thierry Libaert, co-author (France), Steve Connor (UK), Christophe Koninckx (Belgique); (COLLABORATION)  Ana Carolina Lins Peliz (Brasil), Céline Pascual-Espuny (France), Andrea Catellani (Italia ∙ Belgique), Danielle Maisonneuve (Québec|Canada), Cristobal Duarte (España), Michael Adler (Deutschland), Simonetta Lombardo (Italia). More:

Declaration - 6 versions

A Commitment in Communication – Why?

Support Message - ORBICOM

Media - Articles

Sign the Declaration




Symposium How to talk about the environment?
Meeting the scientific and professional communities

The international symposium, How to talk about the environment? Heroes/heralds and environmental communication, organised by the Francophone research network GER CESS (Communication·Environnement·Science·Société) on December 9th, 10th and 11th, 2020 in Aix-en-Provence had a twofold program that included presentations by researchers from different countries as well as presentations from the professional community.

Very involved for many years in facilitating the links between the two communities, Solange Tremblay was responsible for the organization of the opening and the closing round table discussions. On Wednesday, December 9th, as moderator, she welcomed Steve Connor (UK), Christophe Koninckx (Belgium), and Mathieu Jahnich (France). On Thursday, December 10th, her guests, Valérie Martin (France), Marian Ventura (Argentina), Gildas Bonnel (France) shared their views with Ana Carolina Lins Peliz (Brasil) as moderator.

All recognized professional experts in sustainable development communication, the guests were able to share their perspectives and experiences while focusing their presentations on responsible communication and the ways in which it can be integrated into practice.



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U.S. presidential election and democracy under the radar

Since November 7, 2020, the political broadcast, Mordus de politique, hosted by Sébastien Bovet on Radio-Canada has welcomed our colleague Guy Lachapelle, professor of Political Science at Concordia University, and former politician Yolande James (formerly on Les ex). The evolution and the issues surrounding the American presidential election are examined in the course of current events.

La Chronique américaine − On weekdays around 1:30 pm




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PR at the dawn of the 2000s

A look back at a changing profession

Building on the coronavirus pandemic that has placed high demands on communications professionals since its first major outbreaks, a new text by Solange Tremblay highlights the progress made in communication practices since the beginning of the new millennium.

Les relations publiques au début du nouveau millénaire – Une pratique en route vers son avenir, looks at the evolution that has taken place since the publication of the results of the first major survey on public relations in Quebec (Danielle Maisonneuve, Solange Tremblay and André A. Lafrance), a little more than 15 years ago. Available on the website of the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques :


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Rethinking how to communicate

Without losing an ounce of energy, our colleague, Thierry Libaert, comes back with a new book, that points at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic and calls for mobilization in the face of the climate emergency.

To regain power over our future, we need to rethink all the discourse on awareness, he explains. Climate and environmental issues must be linked to our daily lives. Specialists in communication sciences are unanimous, he recalls, climate action must refocus on positive messages, on the benefits of collective action against climate change... To be read.

Des vents porteurs − Comment mobiliser (enfin) pour la planète, Éditions Le Pommier.

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A guide on responsible communication