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International Conference on Public Policy

Commitment to a sustainable future - A call for concrete action

Citizen engagement, social mobilization, responsibility of decision-makers, these were the major axes defended by the 18 participants of the panel 'Engaging Communication for a Sustainable Future - From Commitment to Concrete Action', held on June 27 at Concordia University, as part of the 4th edition of the International Conference on Public Policy. As the climate emergency is on everyone's lips, as tensions are growing across the globe and as the demand for concrete action is increasing around the world, governments and organizations at all levels of decision-making must act, argue researchers and experts from 8 countries gathered around these major issues (North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Central America).

Emphasizing the need for effective public policies for a sustainable future, they stressed the importance of dialogue, plurality of voices, ethics and social, environmental and economic innovation, based on the interdependence of man and nature. Communication is indeed central to put in place policies that will have a real positive weight for ecological transition and for future generations.


Some participants in this panel:

Cristina Miranda Beas, Solange Tremblay, Anne-Sophie Gousse-Lessard (1st R);

Guy Lachapelle, Jacques Baronet, Ferenc Fodor, Andrea Catellani (2nd R)


Tze-Luen Lin Maria Spiliotopoulou

Chaired by Solange Tremblay, the panel was composed of Andrea Catellani (Belgium), Anne-Sophie Gousse-Lessard (Canada), France Levert (Canada), Cristina Miranda Beas (Peru), Mariana Arguelo (Costa Rica), Tze-Luen Lin (Taiwan), Ferenc Fodor (France), Yvan Cliche (Canada), Dominique Dionne (Canada), Alexander Deliyannis (Greece), Maria Spiliotopoulou (Canada), Steve Connor (Britain), Christophe Koninckz (Belgium), Béatrice Jalenques (France), Céline Pascual Espuny (France); as well as Guy Lachapelle, Jacques Baronet and Solange Tremblay (SUSTAINABILITY|COMMUNICATION Group).

Taking place for the first time in North America, the organization of this 4th edition of the International Conference on Public Policy was under the responsibility of Guy Lachapelle.


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Launch of the international Francophone research network

The first international Francophone research network on environmental communication and sustainability is well on its way. On June 17 and 18, about forty researchers gathered during the inaugural symposium in Aix-en-Provence to discuss the most recent research on these issues. Program