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The next generation of professionals is active in Quebec universities


The Simulation of COP 24 in Articulated debates

On January 26, some forty students from HEC Montréal, the University of Montreal, the University of Quebec at Montreal, the University of Laval and Polytechnique Montréal participated in a simulation of COP 24, held at the end of 2018 in Katowice, Poland: an exercise organized by the Humaniterre group of HEC Montréal for a 10th consecutive year. Grouped into teams, their debates focused on the reduction of GHGs due to transport and on the deforestation affecting several areas of the globe − two crucial themes on issues facing humanity in the face of climate change.

The jury was made up of Thérèse Drapeau and Patrick Cigana, Senior Advisor for Sustainable Development at École Polytechnique. Congratulations to all the participants, the best woman speaker, the best male speaker and the teams that stood out!



Best Woman Speaker: Célia Barbotte, HEC Montréal
With the members of the Jury: Patrick Cigana and Thérèse Drapeau





Discussion on the role of communicators

A dynamic new generation of sustainability communication professionals is preparing at the public relations certificate of the Faculty of Continuing Education - Université de Montréal - where the course 'Social Responsibility and Public Relations' familiarizes students with the role of communication in social responsibility and sustainable development. On February 9th, the discussion focused on the responsibilities of communicators in supporting organizations. Solange Tremblay participated.

In class with the teacher, Paule Genest





France - A social and environmental responsibility label for communication agencies

On June 4, 2018, the Association des Agences-Conseils en Communication (Association of Communication Consulting Agencies) created, with the support of AFNOR Certification, the French leader in the field, the Label RSE Agences actives that testifies to the commitment of the communication agencies in matters of environmental and social responsibility in France. The criteria of this CSR reference adapted to the communication professions focuses on issues of vision and governance, services provided, human and social responsibilities and the environmental impacts of the agency. During an interview, Gildas Bonnel, Chair of the AACC Sustainable Development Commission, underlined the importance this recognition will have for communication agencies on all issues of sustainable development in the years to come: "This is more than a simple added value’’, he argued.

On February 19, 2019, the label was awarded the Prix d’initiative pour une publicité responsable (Responsible Advertising Initiative Award), for its overall commitment program for consulting agencies in a dynamic of social and environmental responsibility: a prize awarded for the first time by the Autorité de régulation professionnelle de la publicité (Professional Advertising Regulation Institute). Info


Gildas Bonnel and Solange Tremblay


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