Groupe Durabilité|Communication

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Solange Tremblay

Founding President

Founding president of Sustainability|Communication Group, a team of researchers and experts on issues related to  communication, sustainable development and social responsibilities, Solange Tremblay is considered a pioneer in research-expertise on sustainable development communication in Canada. Previously an associate professor at Université du Québec à Montréal, she co-created the first Canadian graduate program in CSR, focusing on the double perspectives of communication and management sciences (2009). She co-led the North American part of the Global Survey for Sustainable Lifestyles developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP, 2011), the first in-depth surveys to be carried out worldwide on this issue. She was a founding member in 2001 of the UQAM’s Chair in Public Relations and Marketing Communication where she created and directed from 2003 to 2010 the Centre for Sustainable Development, Ethics and Communications, now known as the Sustainability|Communication Group. She is the author or coauthor of many publications including the books Développement durable et communications - Au-delà des mots, pour un véritable engagement (2007) and Développement durable - Une communication qui se démarque (2018), until then the only books published in Canada on this important communication issue. The conference she led on this topic in 2006 is acknowledged as the first contribution of communication professionals to the implementation of Quebec’s sustainable development plan and was concluded by the signature of the Declaration of the Communicators and Public Relations Professionals of Quebec on Sustainable Development.  Solange also played a key role in building links between PR practitioners and universities, notably through the creation in 1996 of Quebec’s first bachelor’s degree in Public Relations. One of the founding members of Public Relations Without Borders in 2007, she proposed and led the creation of its inaugural international missions. With more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner, researcher and educator, she has developed a unique insight into the challenges faced by today’s communicators.



Email: Solange Tremblay


Thérèse Drapeau

Thérèse Drapeau is active in the field of communications for more than 30 years. She has developed a wide expertise in environment and sustainable development as well as in crisis management, scientific communication, public consultation and community participation. She is known for having successfully carried out many realizations related to sustainable development such as the 4th International Conference of Regional Centres of Expertise on Education to Sustainable Development (RCE-UNU) in 2009 as well as numerous public outreach events on various environmental issues such as the St. Lawrence Action Plan, climate change, environmental emergencies and crisis situations. She has acted as the coordinator of the Interdepartmental Federal Group on Sustainable Development gathering some thirty Quebec federal departments and agencies legally having to implement triennial sustainable development strategies. She also teaches communication and sustainable development at UQAM and acts on a regular basis as speaker on sustainable development and eco-citizenship themes.

Holding a Master degree in museology, she has been curator of science and historic exhibitions. From 2008 to 2013, she was a Sustainable Development Advisor at the Environment Canada’s Biosphère, the environment museum.  And from 2002 to 2012, she was member of the MUSE editorial board, the Canadian Museum Association magazine, notably on sustainability issues. She also coordinates the participation of numerous communication volunteers involved in the 24 hours of science event organized by Science pour tous and she acts as presenter for various science communication events.

Email: Thérèse Drapeau


Dominique Ferrand

(In English soon) - Reconnu pour la rigueur et la neutralité de ses interventions, Dominique Ferrand est un conseiller indépendant, spécialisé dans les enjeux environnementaux, sociaux et de gouvernance. Il sert une clientèle d’institutions financières et d’industries aussi bien que d’ordres professionnels ou de gouvernements. Professeur associé au département des sciences fondamentales de l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, il est aussi, depuis dix ans, chercheur et membre du Conseil de la Chaire en éco-conseil de la même université. Diplômé en sciences politiques et en gestion, il est, depuis plus de dix ans, membre du Groupe consultatif en environnement des Fonds Desjardins. En outre, Dominique Ferrand est un formateur agréé par la Commission des partenaires du marché du travail. Il donne de nombreuses conférences. Il est récipiendaire de deux prix nationaux simultanés (Société canadienne de relations publiques) et d’un prix international (Association internationale des professionnels de la communication).

Courriel : Dominique Ferrand

Carole Villeneuve

Carole Villeneuve is a communications specialist involved for the past 25 years in developing and implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development programs. She supports organizations in matters of CSR and sustainable development and is a regular conference speaker. Since 2010, she is also a lecturer in sustainable development at Université de Sherbrooke. From 2010 to 2011, she acted as Communications Vice President for Recyc-Québec, where she coordinated the awareness-raising, information and education program consistent with sustainable development. Additionally, Carole Villeneuve conducted the implementation of Loto-Québec’s sustainable development initiative from 2005 to 2010. Previously, she worked for 20 years as Corporate Director, Communications and at management positions with Cascades and Boralex, two organizations focused on social and environmental responsibility. She also took part in government working groups dealing with sustainable development, including the Standardization Committee for the BNQ 9700-253 Sustainable Development - Responsible Event Management Standard, the Comité interministériel du développement durable (interdepartmental committee on sustainable development) and working groups of Bureau de coordination du développement durable, part of Quebec’s Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs. She is also a board member of PACT non-profit organization. Carole Villeneuve holds a Masters in Environment and a graduate-level Diploma from the sustainable development and environmental auditing micro-programs of Université de Sherbrooke.

Email: Carole Villeneuve


Guy Lachapelle

Guy Lachapelle is professor in the Department of Political Science at Concordia University. Since 2000, he is the elected Secretary General of the International Political Science Association (IPSA). He was president of the Société québécoise de science politique (1996-1997). He was the co-chairperson of the organizing Committee for the XVIIIth World Congress of the International Political Science Association in Quebec City in 2000. He was director of the MPPA program (1990-1991). His recent work focuses on the impact of globalization, democracy, sustainable development, public policy and public opinion theory, and program evaluation. He is the author of many books and his publications include contributions to Publius, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Revue francaise de science politique, Revue québécoise de science politique, Québec Studies, Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, Éthique publique, Politique et Sociétés. Guy Lachapelle has a PhD in Political Science from Chicago’s Northwestern University.

Email: Guy Lachapelle


Jacques Baronet

Jacques Baronet joined the Université de Sherbrooke as an associate professor of entrepreneurship and innovation in 2003 (full professor since 2012), where he also directed the Institut d'entrepreneuriat from 2003 to 2005. Previously, he was a professor of entrepreneurship at Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey, USA (2001-2003). He is a founding member of the Innovation Management Research Team at his home university and of the Boosting Entrepreneurship Skills and Training in Genomics (now BEST in Science) research consortium in Canada. He cofounded a regional action research group on entrepreneurial culture and serves on scientific committees at business schools in France and Australia. Apart from his teaching and research activities on entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation management, he works on the communication issues of sustainable development and social responsibility. Prior to his career in entrepreneurship education, Jacques worked for fifteen years in public relations, communications and management and taught courses in public relations research,  public relations management, issues management, public affairs and communications strategy at various Quebec universities. Jacques Baronet holds a PhD in Management from HEC-Montréal, an MBA from McGill University, a M.Sc. in Public Relations from Boston University, and a B.A. in Linguistics from Université Laval.

Email: Jacques Baronet




Gabrielle Collu

Gabrielle Collu is a communications and public relations consultant who specializes in key sectors such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, engineering, education, water and energy. She holds a PhD from the Université de Montréal, where her scholastic merit was recognized by a Governor General of Canada Gold Medal. A prestigious Social Sciences and Humanities two-year Fellowship allowed her to complete postdoctoral studies at York University in Toronto.

Gabrielle has played an active role in her professional association, the Canadian Public Relations Society, and as member of the board of directors of the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques from 2001-2005, where she served as treasurer, Public Affairs Chair and founding chair of the Ethics Committee. In 2011, she led for Public Relations without Borders (PRWB), in partnership with Oxfam-Québec, the organization’s first two missions to Burkina Faso. Gabrielle also served as treasurer on the board of the International Secretariat for Water and on the board of the South Asian Women’s Community Centre. She has lived in Burkina Faso and Tunisia. Gabrielle speaks English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch.


Deanna Drendel

(In English soon) - Deanna Drendel œuvre en communication et relations publiques depuis une trentaine d’années. Elle a évolué au sein d’entreprises privées et publiques et en cabinets de relations publiques. Depuis 12 ans, elle conseille, à titre de présidente de sa propre entreprise, diverses organisations des secteurs de l’énergie, de la santé et de la haute technologie. Passionnée pour Relations publiques sans frontières (RPSF), elle a réalisé, au Niger, la première mission du jeune organisme en 2009 ; depuis son retour, elle contribue à son essor à titre de directrice générale. Préoccupée par les questions de compétence, Deanna a laissé sa marque au sein de la Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP) et de la Société canadienne des relations publiques (SCRP) notamment sur les questions d’agrément, d’excellence et d’éthique en relations publiques et lors de la création de la Chaire de relations publiques et communication marketing de l’UQAM et du Conseil de l’industrie des communications du Québec (CICQ). Elle a contribué au développement du programme de relations publiques à l’Université McGill et a développé des cours qu’elle a enseignés à McGill et à l’UQAM et s’intéresse de près au développement des connaissances en éthique communicationnelle. En 2010, la SQPRP lui octroyait sa plus haute distinction, le Prix Yves St-Amand, pour son rôle significatif dans la progression de la pratique des relations publiques au Québec. Agréée en relations publiques (ARP), elle a été reçue au Collège des Fellows de la SCRP en 2006.


Jean-François Gagné

(In English soon) - Titulaire d'un MBA en gestion des technologies et d'un diplôme de deuxième cycle en Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises de l'UQAM, Jean-François R. Gagné (JF) cumule 15 années d’expériences professionnelles principalement en planification stratégique, en développement d'affaires, en coordination et planification de projets de recherche, en relations publiques et en communications d’affaires. Passionné par les questions d’innovations, d’usage social des technologies et de développement durable, JF est un technologue optimiste travaillant avec des organisations novatrices en technologies afin de construire un monde ludique et meilleur.


Advisory Committee

Danielle Maisonneuve

Michel Dumas (Our good friend, Michel, passed away in January 2017)