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PR at the dawn of the 2000s

A look back at a changing profession

Building on the coronavirus pandemic that has placed high demands on communications professionals since its first major outbreaks, a new text by Solange Tremblay highlights the progress made in communication practices since the beginning of the new millennium.

Les relations publiques au début du nouveau millénaire – Une pratique en route vers son avenir, looks at the evolution that has taken place since the publication of the results of the first major survey on public relations in Quebec (Danielle Maisonneuve, Solange Tremblay and André A. Lafrance), a little more than 15 years ago.  Available on the website of the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques :


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Rethinking how to communicate

Without losing an ounce of energy, our colleague, Thierry Libaert, comes back with a new book, that points at the heart of the coronavirus pandemic and calls for mobilization in the face of the climate emergency.

To regain power over our future, we need to rethink all the discourse on awareness, he explains. Climate and environmental issues must be linked to our daily lives. Specialists in communication sciences are unanimous, he recalls, climate action must refocus on positive messages, on the benefits of collective action against climate change... To be read.

Des vents porteurs − Comment mobiliser (enfin) pour la planète, Éditions Le Pommier.

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A guide on responsible communication

Our French colleagues have just published Le guide de la communication responsable, a book produced by the Agence de l’Environnement de de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (ADEME).

With its clear content and relevant references, it is a most useful tool that fulfills its function of guide and support. The authors have called upon several collaborations, including that of Solange Tremblay, which has signed ̏La mobilisation des professionnels au Québec et au Canada˝ (p.74).

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Modernization of the Code of Ethics of the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP)

Because a code of ethics must provide a concrete response to the many challenges that communications professionals regularly face in their duties, because ethics is one of the core values at the heart of their role, and because their responsibilities are constantly evolving, the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques has just made the revision of its Code of Ethics one of its priorities. The SUSTAINABILITY|COMMUNICATION Group will be part of this process.










Municipal environments

Sustainable Development Forum – 5th edition


On September 26th and 27th, the 5th edition of the Sustainable Development Forum organized by the Economic Development Corporation of Victoriaville and area (CDEVR) took place in Victoriaville.  The event, under the theme Sustainable Land Development, aimed to create innovative concrete projects that can transform municipal environments and make their vision a reality. The Forum brought together 22 Quebec municipalities, represented by Quebec mayors, city councillors, municipal directors and employees, as well as specialists in land-use planning and sustainable development, and many university students as volunteers. Carole Villeneuve facilitated the City of Granby workshop, that dealt with the issue of densifying the territory of Granby while preserving natural environments without enlarging its territory. More

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Feedback on the book Développement durable - Une communication qui se démarque

A new article on the book Développement durable - Une communication qui se démarque is published on Sircome.

Mathieu Jahnich interviews Solange Tremblay on the responsibilities of communication in a context of climate urgency, growing tensions and intolerance on a global scale. An exchange on the very concrete perspectives that can be applied right now in the field and the analyses that are being developed : Article.

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International Conference on Public Policy

Commitment to a sustainable future - A call for concrete action

Citizen engagement, social mobilization, responsibility of decision-makers, these were the major axes defended by the 18 participants of the panel 'Engaging Communication for a Sustainable Future - From Commitment to Concrete Action', during the 4th edition of the International Conference on Public Policy. With climate emergency on everyone's lips and tensions growing across the globe, governments and organizations at all levels of decision-making must act, did they argue. Gathered around these major issues, researchers and experts from 8 countries stressed the importance of dialogue, plurality of voices, ethics and innovation. And communication is central to put in place effective public policies for a sustainable future.